"The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm."

Florence Nightingale


Hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) harm patients and cost US hospitals $98 billion annually. Kinometrix is on a mission to eliminate HACs by revolutionizing the way clinicians monitor and mitigate risk status, starting with patient falls.

The current fall risk assessment system is flawed, putting patients in danger, taxing nurses, and costing US hospitals $7 billion annually. Through the use of machine learning, the Kinometrix System predicts fall risk with 99% accuracy, helping hospitals reduce the number of preventable falls.

By using more rigorous, objective patient measurements, Kinometrix allows nursing staff to manage risk through specific actionable fall risk reports, yielding better and more targeted fall-prevention care, empowering all members of the care team to practice at the top of their licenses.

Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HACs): A $98 Billion Opportunity in the US


Revolutionizing Fall Prevention

Demonstrated value to all hospital system stakeholders

Patients Peace of mind
CFO Reduction in uncompensated care and HAC penalties
Legal Reduction in litigation and financial settlements
CNO Empower clinicians to practice at top of license, frees up nurse time, achieve a happier and more confident workforce
CIO & CSO Currently pursuing SOC 2 compliance, and working with trusted integration partners


Devina Desai

Chief Executive Officer

Patrick Bradley

Chief Clinical Officer

Todd Scarola

Chief Technology Officer